2 Photography Shows – Bay Model & Sausalito Library

You’ll have a chance – during the Feb 27th FHA Annual Meeting festivities – to see Elena Sheehan’s photographs on display at the Bay Model. The exhibit closes March 5th. Titled Traces, Sheehan’s works are elegant studies in the abstract beauty of water and rocks. “Some traces pass quickly. Others linger, change, disappear.” ... Read more

RBRA and Sausalito City Council at Loggerheads

Anchorage Discussions Continue At the Sausalito City Council meeting January 26 much of the agenda was about dealing with the anchorage in the bay. Lt. Bill Fraass, Sausalito Police Department’s marine officer, presented a two-part plan to deal with the Richardson Bay anchorage. Although there was no discussion about the... Read more

The Value of FHA Membership

Membership in the Floating Homes Association is how we engage our community in the activities that provide support for our lifestyle, building positive relationships with the larger community and ensuring safety and security for members and neighbors. In order to balance the workload required to maintain an effective volunteer community... Read more

FHA ANNUAL MEETING, Saturday, February 27th

  Seems like we just turned the page to January and here it is February. Time for the Floating Homes Association’s annual meeting. We continue our tradition by holding the meeting at the Bay Model, Saturday evening, February 27. All members of the community are invited to attend. Registration begins at 5 p.m. — the meeting convenes at 5:30... Read more

Legendary Local Sailors Preview Epic Film

The world premiere of “Warwick Tompkins—A Lifetime at Sea” will be held February 24 at the Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley. Tompkins is a legendary local sailor who earned his sea legs before he could walk, accompanying his family on a passage around Cape Horn on the schooner WANDER BIRD... Read more

First 2016 Tour Committee Meeting – March 14

  The Tour Committee is beginning to plan for this year’s annual open homes tour, set for September 24. Most Committee members are returning from last year, but there are still some important positions open. If you’re interested in being part of this fun, energetic group, plan to attend the... Read more

More High Tides on the Way in February

  Avoid parking along the water’s edge for at least an hour before and after these high tides.  Flooding may be more extreme if raining, or in event of low pressure front or unfavorable wind conditions. Warn your guests! Read more

Connect the Dots – All Politics is Personal

County Supervisor Kate Sears on Kappas East East Pier residents Teddie Hathaway and Wilford Welch are hosting a series of community meetings with elected officials. These opportunities to meet face-to-face with our local, state and federal representatives are planned as information exchanges, not fund-raisers. They will be held at Wilford Welch... Read more

A Drop in the Bucket

  A while back the Environmental Committee discussed how our community could be better informed about our water usage, and if knowing how much water we use would affect our choices. Could immediately available feedback exert a positive effect on our behavior? Individual water metering turned out to be prohibitively... Read more

The Sausalito Film Series Comes to an End – Feb 5th

  Phil Frank’s Secret Sausalito – Friday, Feb 5th at 7pm WHERE: Main Floor of the Sausalito Library—420 Litho Street ADMISSION: Free to the public The film series comes to an end with a selection of clips that Phil Frank originally created for a series of programs he presented at the Sausalito... Read more