King Tide Tracking: December Results

At about 11:20 a.m. on Sunday, Dec. 23, volunteers from nine docks checked yardsticks to see the height of the king tide. Tracking the rising water is a project of the FHA Environmental Committee, and we mounted yardsticks on 4x4s, just below the top decking, to measure distance down to... Read more

How High: Seeking Volunteers to Track Tides

Your tide app or chart predicted a 6-foot tide at 8 a.m. this Wednesday, Dec. 19. But maybe you noticed the water seemed higher than that. What’s going on? Longtime dock residents are well aware that winter storms plus high tides mean predictions may be off by many inches. That’s... Read more

King Tides are Coming

Mother Nature’s early Christmas present will be a series of high tides (6.6’ feet or more) from Dec. 21 to Dec. 24. Even higher tides will come on January 20 and 21. Check the interactive tide chart on the right side of this page; by clicking on the Day +... Read more

The Challenge of Sea Level Rise in Sausalito

February 3, the meeting room at the Bay Model was standing room only, with at least a quarter of the attendees from the docks. The first keynote speaker, Dr. Andy Gunther, gave one of the clearest explanations—in lay terms—of the overheating of our planet due to climate change. He noted,... Read more

December and January High Tides

Tides of 6 feet or more will cause flooding in the lower portion of Manzanita Park & Ride lot from November 30 through December 7. Parking lot signs have been illuminated. If you need to use the lot during those days, try to arrange for a friend to drop you... Read more

Embracing Sea Level Rise

What’s not to like about a beautiful photo, with the sky reflected back in a rippling pool of water? We put up with the king tides of winter, and some of us (East Pier and Gate 6 1/2, the further end of A Dock parking where 2 or 3 spots... Read more

More King Tides Due in January

  As can be expected, extremely high tides will occur in January when the moon is closest to the earth. Flooded parking lots can total cars and also damage the wheels on shopping carts, so be prepared to move them if high tides coincide with rain. It’s not just some... Read more

King Tides Project and Upcoming Events

Last year I stumbled across the King Tides Project, but too late in the year to pass on much that was useful. This year, the calendar of events is so full that I’m only going to highlight the first event coming up on December 11: Outside Kids at High Tides (for info... Read more

Make Way for the King

December 2016 King Tides Approximate Time & Height Sun   12/11     8:50 a.m.       6.6’ Mon  12/12     9:30 a.m.       6.9’  Tues  12/13   10:15 a.m.       7.0’ Weds 12/14   11:00 a.m.       6.9’ Thur  12/15  ... Read more

November 2016 High Tide WARNINGS

High Tides are here again: Date      Approx. Time   Height Nov. 12        9:30 AM        6.3′ Nov. 13      10:15 AM        6.6′ Nov. 14      11:00 AM        6.7′ Nov. 15      11:50 PM      ... Read more